Dirty Areas in Your Office

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Do you work in an office? If so, you probably spend most of your time inside it. This means that you’re prone to any bacteria or germs found in the office.  

Whenever people move around the office, they are helping the germs and bacteria get around as well. Because of this, hygiene plays a huge part in how offices are handled. This is particularly true during a pandemic.  

Nowadays, it is extremely crucial to know where germs are being passed from one individual to another. Today, we’re going to share with you some of the dirtiest areas in your office.  

If you don’t want these areas to spread diseases, make sure you hire commercial cleaning services for help. 


People go to the toilet when they’ve got to do their business. That is why it is one of the high-traffic areas in the office.  

Toilets are areas where bacteria can easily spread. Toilet germs are very dangerous as well. One of the most common germs found in toilets is E-Coli. 

Because of this, office toilet cleaning should be your main concern as a business owner. Since workspaces are operating almost 24/7, you have to clean the toilets more often.  

The Kitchen 

The kitchen is the place in your office where you handle all the drinks and food. So, why is it considered one of the dirtiest areas in the office?  

A lot of people believe that the office kitchen sink is one of the cleanest places in the office. However, that is not the case. The truth is that it is even one of the dirtiest places in the kitchen.  

Before people wash their hands, they hold the taps first. Because of this, the taps are exposed to all the nasty grime on your fingers that you want to remove. This can be a spilled ketchup, a tea spill, or a sticky jam.  

The sink gets all this grime. Typically, you can wash them down. However, traces of old food can stay. This enables bacteria to survive. Smelly sinks are an indication of a bigger safety issue and health problems.  

Fortunately, you can avoid these things from happening if you regularly clean your kitchen with the help of a professional office cleaning service.  

Door Handles and Lift Buttons 

If you’ve got a big office, chances are people always come and go. A couple of them are simply dropping off a parcel or visiting for a meeting. Several of them are ready to begin their job. Keep in mind that not all people that visit your office wash their hands.  

A couple of them might have a cold or another harmful disease.  

As soon as that person opens a door or touches the lift buttons, they are spreading their bacteria to that area. Thus, if you don’t clean these places, germs can easily accumulate on them.  

If you haven’t cleaned your lift buttons and door handles for a while, make sure you hire a professional office cleaning company for help. This will help you avoid spreading diseases to your employees.  

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